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Handy tools for hard-working marketers.

Hi, we’re Gregg and Patrick. No massive teams or VC money here, just two marketers and friends who love to build tools, do our best to build them well, and may or may not fist-pump every time a new user signs up.

Track and learn from any company's email marketing.

Instead of going to your inbox, emails sent to SendView addresses are parsed into dashboards of sender analytics.

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Visualize your competitor's content calendar.

Hemlock tracks everything your competitors do and lets you analyze and explore it through a simple calendar.

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All your social accounts. One weekly report.

See total fans, fan growth, new posts, top posts, and engagement across all your brand's profiles in one simple, email report.

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We're always looking for new ideas and/or people to build them with. Regular user? If we use your idea you get free access for life. Agency or business? Let's partner and make some magic.

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